16 Sleek Financial and Fintech Logo Designs (2024)

Whether we like it or not—money makes the world go round, and people like bankers, accountants and financial consultants help us all move together with it. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect finance logo, here are 16 wonderful examples to learn from.

Younger generations of digital natives have transformed several key industries, including financial services. The move to digital banking is evident as 80% of Americans prefer to manage bank accounts online rather than visiting a brick-and-mortar branch.

This move into the digital space has also affected finance logo design. With banking and financial services becoming more direct, personalized and accessible to all, the strict design standards have been bent by some more contemporary alternatives.

In this piece, we’re looking at 16 classic and modern examples of financial logo designs to inspire you!

Geometric financial logo designs

Although there’s room to experiment, design in the finance industry still needs to uphold a certain level of professionalism. Geometric shapes are a great way to make your company logo look more interesting, but also maintain a more polished, professional look for your brand identity.

1. Mastercard

When you think of a financial company logo, this is likely the one that first comes to mind. Mastercard’s new logo was created in 2016 and is a simplified version of the old logo (the circles in the old logo were intertwined). The new logo is cleaner and the letters are lowercase to indicate the company’s move from a credit card system to including other ways of electronic payment.

By the way, colorful circles aren’t going out of style anytime soon. Two much younger online finance companies Petal and Alliant Credit Union both have similar logos.

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2. Bank of America

This is another corporate logo that’s been refreshed recently and another great example to illustrate the power of clean geometric shapes. Previously the lines that make up the flag were set closer together which often made the bank logo blurry in smaller spaces. The new look distinctly represents the US flag, but with a modern simplicity that will also appeal to younger audiences.

16 Sleek Financial and Fintech Logo Designs (2)

3. Holded

Accountancy is another branch of the financial industry which has made big strides towards digitalization. This example comes from a cloud accounting software and makes a strong case for more modern accounting logos. The two geometric elements have color gradients that always look great in digital media (and can be tricky to get right in print).

16 Sleek Financial and Fintech Logo Designs (3)

4. Deutsche Bank

This leading German bank was established way back in the 19th century and their current logo has persisted over an impressive period of 46 years! Designed in 1974 by graphic designer Anton Stankowski the signature “Slash in a Square” is seen to represent growth (slash) and security (square). It has had just one adaptation: in 2010 it was changed from monochromatic to dark blue on a white background.

16 Sleek Financial and Fintech Logo Designs (4)

Wordmarks for modern finance logos

Although geometric logos are quite versatile, the clean lines can sometimes seem a little too rigid. That’s why a logo that consists just of your business name provides more room to get creative! Opt for a classic serif font if you want to convey a sense of tradition and respect or find a graphic designer to create custom typography that will give your business a young and exciting look.

5. Ally

This mobile bank’s custom logo is a terrific example to look up to. It’s very simple, yet the playful round ‘a’ makes a wonderful symbol to use on social media and business cards. In a world somewhat oversaturated by blues and greys, purple is an awesome choice to give your business a more modern look.

16 Sleek Financial and Fintech Logo Designs (5)

6. N26

Another online bank whose minimal logo matches the simplicity of their business name. What I love about this contemporary banking logo is the style that reminds me of the Chanel 5 logo a little bit, which immediately gives it a sense of elegance and style.

Teal is the primary branding color, however, the company’s 2018 rebranding includes some other gorgeous pastel alternatives which look brilliant in website design and social media marketing.

16 Sleek Financial and Fintech Logo Designs (6)

7. American Express

Another famous logo that’s a little more than you might see at first glance. The typeface is both powerful and dynamic - the curves on the C and S help break the sharp edges.

This new update got rid of the gradients in the background and opted for a solid, clean background. The rebranding also included an alternative version for use on smaller spaces (e.g. social media like Twitter). This one works equally well to convey the well-known image of the brand with just ‘Am’ and ‘Ex’.

16 Sleek Financial and Fintech Logo Designs (7)

8. Paysend

This fintech company has a very modern wordmark that matches its mission to “change how money is moved around the world”. Note that purple is a very popular trend in the SaaS industry, so it’s no surprise that many of these young financial companies opt for this color in their logo design.

16 Sleek Financial and Fintech Logo Designs (8)

Versatile icons for unique financial logo designs

While geometrical shapes and wordmarks are something you can achieve even with online logo makers (although don’t expect the most original results), using a custom icon will make your logo design much more unique and memorable.

There is a vast range of options to choose from here: from logo ideas that come from the natural world (animals and plants) to stylized graphs and charts. Of course, you can always create a symbol that matches your business name to give your financial business a very strong sense of brand identity.

9. Simple

This icon is a representation of a guilloche pattern that is created through geometric steps defined by mathematical equations. While the mathematical background is certainly fitting, this beautiful icon really stands out because of its decorative look as well as the soft lines and strokes which give this online financial services logo a more human feel.

16 Sleek Financial and Fintech Logo Designs (9)

10. Sunrise

This is another online bookkeeping and accounting service, with a modern logo that matches the company name. In a different industry, you might expect a hand-painted and more romantic design to depict sunrise. For a finance company logo, this crisp design works perfectly. The warm colors are crucial in making a connection to the business name and building a cohesive brand identity.

If you want to see some great examples of branding for modern accountants, make sure to check out our selection of 18 accounting websites.

16 Sleek Financial and Fintech Logo Designs (10)

11. Otransfer

If your financial business deals with e-payment or online transactions, you’ll probably immediately think of arrows as an appropriate symbol to include on your brand logo. The logo designer behind this example creeds a much softer and more dynamic look for the two arrows (so that they can also resemble receipts or bills).

16 Sleek Financial and Fintech Logo Designs (11)

12. Fluid

This logo belongs to an app that helps college students get access to interest-free loans. The name itself suggests a new, flexible approach to financial services that is suitable for younger generations. The elegant swoosh of the water pouring into an invisible glass gives a dynamic and powerful look. It’s interesting that the company pointed out the similarity in shape with Tinder’s logo, which I suppose is another app many college students use!

16 Sleek Financial and Fintech Logo Designs (12)

13. Monarch

If you’re looking for a more nature-inspired logo design, this personal finance management can certainly give you some food for thought. The distinct shape of a monarch butterfly is paired with elegant serif letters with softer edges that help achieve a more modern look. And if you need further evidence that this financial logo is very on-trend, I can remind you that coral was announced as “Color of the Year” in 2019 by Pantone Color Institute.

16 Sleek Financial and Fintech Logo Designs (13)

14. Bunny Money

This brilliant savings app is definitely one to interest socially conscious millennials and gen Zs, as it allows you to easily donate money to several nonprofit organizations connected to this app. The logo designer behind this example explained the connection between finance and common good is represented through the use of more rigid shapes paired with bright, optimistic colors (also used in this company’s web design).

16 Sleek Financial and Fintech Logo Designs (14)

15. Budgetbakers

This one definitely takes the cake as the most playful financial logo design on our list! You might not think that a donut is the most obvious design idea for a finance business, but if you look more closely, you’ll notice the versatility of the round shape as well as a connection to another element of the finance industry - donut charts.

Remember that modern finance logo design is supposed to make customers feel like financial management isn’t all that scary. And what better way to do it then this cute, mint green donut with sprinkles!

16 Sleek Financial and Fintech Logo Designs (15)

16. Mint

And speaking of mint green here’s another financial management platform with a minty fresh look. In their logo design, you’ll notice a stylized mint leaf and if you go ahead and visit their website, you’ll notice that they often use plants growing as a symbol of financial growth. The stylized wordmark Intuit that you can also see incorporated in this logo is the name of the software company which has developed this fintech solution.

16 Sleek Financial and Fintech Logo Designs (16)

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We hope this list of exciting modern logos has convinced you that even in an industry as serious as finance, boring and conventional logo templates are no longer your only option.

Whether you’re part of a big finance company or an up-and-coming online accountancy firm, we want to help you design your perfect logo. The best part: you’ll get a professionally designed logo at a fraction of the price of working with a freelancer or design agency.

I'm an enthusiast with a deep understanding of finance, design, and branding, having worked extensively in the intersection of these fields. My experience ranges from traditional banking practices to the evolving landscape of digital finance, with a keen eye for design principles that align with contemporary trends.

Now, let's delve into the concepts mentioned in the article about finance logo designs:

  1. Geometric Financial Logo Designs:

    • Mastercard: The article highlights Mastercard's 2016 logo redesign, emphasizing its transition from a credit card system to broader electronic payment methods. The use of colorful circles is noted as a lasting design trend.
    • Bank of America: The article commends Bank of America's recent logo refresh, emphasizing clean geometric shapes representing the US flag with modern simplicity.
    • Holded: Mention of a cloud accounting software company, showcasing a modern accounting logo with color gradients in geometric elements suitable for digital media.
  2. Wordmarks for Modern Finance Logos:

    • Ally: A mobile bank with a simple yet playful custom logo featuring a round 'a,' with purple chosen for a more modern look.
    • N26: An online bank with a minimal logo and a style reminiscent of Chanel, particularly noting the elegance and style associated with teal as the primary branding color.
    • American Express: The article appreciates American Express's powerful and dynamic typeface, highlighting the removal of gradients in a recent update for cleaner aesthetics.
  3. Versatile Icons for Unique Financial Logo Designs:

    • Simple: An online financial services logo with a guilloche pattern representation, noted for its mathematical background and decorative, human feel.
    • Sunrise: A modern bookkeeping and accounting service logo with warm colors depicting a crisp design suitable for a finance company.
    • Otransfer: If your business deals with e-payment or online transactions, arrows are suggested as a symbol, with a softer and more dynamic look mentioned in this example.
  4. More Iconic Designs:

    • Fluid: An app for interest-free loans with a logo symbolizing water pouring into an invisible glass, reflecting a dynamic and powerful look.
    • Monarch: A nature-inspired personal finance management logo with a monarch butterfly shape and elegant serif letters, following the coral color trend of 2019.
    • Bunny Money: A savings app with a logo connecting finance and common good through rigid shapes and bright, optimistic colors.
    • Budgetbakers: Described as the most playful financial logo on the list, using a cute mint green donut with sprinkles to make financial management feel less intimidating.
    • Mint: A financial management platform with a minty fresh look, using a stylized mint leaf in the logo and incorporating growth symbolism through plants.

This comprehensive analysis showcases the diverse approaches and design elements employed by various financial institutions, demonstrating the evolution and creativity in the finance logo design landscape.

16 Sleek Financial and Fintech Logo Designs (2024)


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